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Borderspace Progress Update

It’s been a fairly long time since our last video update. This one was delayed due to a few issues we were having with some of the new code. Take a look here:

It doesn’t contain anything too fancy from our previous updates, which you can see on the Borderspace YouTube channel. The HUD stuff is basic placeholder stuff, but it works. Radar is working for the most part, however, as mentioned in the video there are a couple things not complete there. Aside from the HUD stuff, explosions are the most noticeable part of this update. They do splash damage and apply a force to your ship if you’re close enough to the source of the explosion (so it can shake your ship around and stuff). Most of the other stuff we’re working on is background stuff, so nothing we can really show off. Work on the network layer has begun, though there is still a lot to do in that area.

Feel free to stop by our forums to let us know what you think.
We can also be reached on our Facebook page or on Twitter.

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