Computers, security, politics, freedom… and whatever else

About Me

My name is Mathew Power and currently I’m employed CGI as a Security Analyst, based in Ottawa, Canada. Before joining CGI I worked in computer and network security with NCI and Hyundai Canada. Additionally, I’m an alumnus of Sir Sanford Fleming’s Computer Security and Investigations program.

Through my education and career, I’ve learned a great deal about computer and network security and constantly strive to learn more. Whether reading security related news, studying for certification exams, or simply searching Google for articles related to technologies I’m unfamiliar with, my thirst for knowledge in this area is limitless.

In addition to security, I enjoy programming and gaming as hobbies. At times these hobbies have mixed and while I’ve not yet completed a game of my own yet, I am working on two projects currently in development. You can read more about them on my projects page.

Outside of computers, I’m an avid hockey fan (Go Leafs Go!) and maintain a general interest in many professional sports leagues. Additionally, I have a strong interest in local and world politics which will likely be evident through the course of this blog.

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