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BorderSpace – Indie Dev Grant Nomination

Hello there!

Been a while since I’ve felt like blogging, life has kept me generally busy. However, I’m very pleased to announce that BorderSpace has been nominated for a Bundle in a Box Indie Dev Grant. Our nomination can be viewed here.

Voting is simple. You must purchase the current bundle from Bundle in a Box (the minimum purchase price is just $0.99). Once purchased you can vote for BorderSpace on your user page! We appreciate any votes we can get! At the time of this writing BorderSpace is tied for fifth place.

Additionally, feel free to check out our latest development update video from October.

Diablo 3 – Initial Impressions

Nine days ago Blizzard released Diablo 3. I was planning on writing a full review for this game, however, instead I will just say this: it is awesome. Visually striking, fun, addictive and plenty of replay value. I cannot ask for much more than this when I pick up a game.

I should clarify, however, that I would not have bought this game if it had not been free through the World of Warcraft Annual Pass program. I had never played a Diablo game before, so the hype of this long-awaited sequel did not really make me want it. Additionally, the always-online DRM (Digital Rights Management) really turns me off any game. However, I had intended to remain subscribed to World of Warcraft for the year anyway, so getting Diablo 3 for free this way was appealing.

If you have strong feelings about always-online DRM, I would recommend you do not buy this game. The only way to get it across to a company that consumers do not want draconian DRM schemes in their game is to deny them your money. You may call me a hypocrite for saying this, however, I do not think I am being hypocritical. If you do not have issues with this type of DRM and you are looking for a fantastic ARPG (Action Role-playing Game) to play, you would not be making a poor choice by picking up Diablo 3.