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Thanks for visiting While it’s unlikely that anyone will read this particular post (at least while it’s actually a new post), I figured I’d write it anyway. This is my second attempt at starting a blog. My last blog started out all right, but I found it difficult to motivate myself to only write about one particular topic (which happened to be computer/network security), and decided the focus of the blog was to narrow. I had started changing to a broader focus, but at the same time decided I should host the blog myself and ended up getting caught up in playing with the server instead of blogging.

Ultimately, I abandoned the blog (and eventually the server too). Unfortunately, that means the old posts and data are gone and I have to start from scratch. It’s too bad, there was some content I would have liked to copy over, but that’s life! Hopefully with a much broader focus, this blog will see a little more activity and further success.

With all that said, thanks again for stopping by. Enjoy your stay 🙂