Computers, security, politics, freedom… and whatever else


Below are a list of personal and career related goals I hope to achieve. In general, the short term goals are something I’d like to complete in less than a year, mid term goals in one to three years and long term goals in three to five years, no in reality the time frames for each individual goal may be different.

Short Term

  • Obtain Security+ Certification
  • Obtain an additional certification. Currently considering CCNA or GSEC.
  • Increase my programming knowledge and capabilities. Specifically in the C# language and the Unity game engine.
  • Exercise more frequently.
  • Become involved in local municipal politics and my community.

Mid Term

  • Attend a computer security related conference.
  • Obtain additional certifications. The specific certifications are to be determined.
  • Complete a playable (if not finished) version of my turn-based strategy game project.
  • Setup a computer lab environment at home.

Long Term

  • Begin obtaining penetration testing certifications (if I’ve not already).

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