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So it’s been a while since I’ve posted here. Life has been fairly busy. Between my work schedule changing back to shifts for a few weeks, studying for my Security+ certification exam, going to Toronto to visit friends and family and trying to relax when possible I just haven’t had time to post. As such, a few updates are in order.

First and most importantly, I passed my Security+ exam on March 17th! I am now Security+ certified and simply waiting for the certification to arrive in the mail. Time to update my goals list! I’ve taken a short break from studying but I think soon it’ll be time to start working toward another certification.

As mentioned above, I went to Toronto recently, primarily to see my doctor, though also to attend the TIFF Game of Thrones Exhibition at the Bell Lightbox. While in town I also got to see some friends and of course hang out with my family.

Unfortunately on my way back I dropped my new Galaxy Nexus and the screen cracked. It was severely disappointing as in about ten years I haven’t once dropped a phone on a hard surface. I’ve already dropped this one twice. Regretting turning down Bell’s service plan now. I have been a little lazy about getting it fixed because it will be pricey and because the crack is primarily in the bottom right corner of the phone, so while it’s frustrating that the phone broke, it’s still very usable.

In other Game of Thrones news, season 2 is well under way and season 3 has been given the green light! I still need to watch the second episode of season 2, will likely get around to that later this week.

Not too much else going on really. Went back to the GTA for Easter weekend, it was my grandmothers 90th birthday on the 2nd so we had a big party for her. Easter Sunday my nephew sadly had a seizure (he has epilepsy). It was a little scary but now my entire family knows what to do if it happens when he’s with us alone (this is the first time he’s had one since he had two in one day a couple years ago and was originally diagnosed, so none of us really knew how to handle it). Finally, I’m also done with shift work at the end of April, my boss offered me permanent days, so I’m looking forward to that!

Whew! That was a lot of nothing to get through, most of which no one probably even cares about! Hopefully I can keep on top of things a little better now 🙂

My New Phone: The Galaxy Nexus

As much as I love computers and technology, I’ve never been overly wealthy and as such have usually had difficulty justifying phone purchases that cost more than nothing on a three year contract. This generally meant getting phones that were rather old and not particularly useful for anything outside of using it as a phone.

Things are finally changing a little, though. While I’m certainly not rich, I definitely have more money available to me now than I did while I was in school. This has allowed me to finally get a phone that I’ve really wanted to get since it was announced – the Galaxy Nexus. The GNex is the latest phone in Google’s Nexus series, which, as with the Nexus S, was manufactured by Samsung.

The Galaxy Nexus is the flagship of Android phones. It’s comparable (and I’d definitely say better than) to the iPhone 4S, Apple’s latest version of the iPhone. Currently I’m running Google’s stock ICS 4.0.2, though once the GNex is supported, I’d like to give CyanogenMod a try, as it provides a few features I’m interested in. Most specifically, it allows you to grant permissions to apps granularly and allows applications to toggle GPS on/off.

These are both rather important features for me and I’m disappointed that they aren’t included in the stock OS. Google may introduce more granular permissions in the future, but they’ve stated it isn’t a priority, though they may add it in the future. Prior to Android 2.2, apps were capable of turning GPS on/off, but since version 2.3 it requires user interaction. This is problematic for me as an app I’ve been using, Tasker, allows you to create various profiles which are made up of contexts and tasks to help you automate your phone. It’s a very cool and powerful tool. A couple of the profiles I’ve come up with would certainly benefit from being able to control GPS. For example, I don’t like the idea of GPS always being on. It requires more power from my battery and I don’t like the idea of my whereabouts being trackable at any time. However, it is inconvenient to have to remember to turn GPS on to launch apps that require it (for example, Google Maps). Creating a profile that would turn on GPS when specific applications were opened and turned it back off when they were closed would be immensely useful.

Granular permissions seems like a no brainer to me and I’m surprised that Google would not have included it from the start. Too many apps request permissions they simply don’t need to operate and I don’t always feel comfortable providing that control to those apps. Unfortunately, if there is no alternative, you may not have a choice if you want to use it.

Either way, I’m loving this phone. It has been an awesome user experience and it’s simply nice to finally join everyone else in the 21st century. Time to go discover new apps!